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Download Class Pass App (iOS and Android) to easily document learning. 

Class Pass is an ideal companion to myBlueprint portfolios - keeping record of experiential learning activities, or capturing photos, videos, audio clips, or journals in real time, even with only one mobile device or tablet in the classroom. Click here for more information on how to use Class Pass App with your students

Exemplar Portfolios

Want your students to create a digital portfolio, but not sure where to start? We've got you covered! Take a peek at some of the standout portfolio exemplars students are creating and scroll down below to see additional portfolio-related resources, including lesson plans, portfolio checklists, guides for students, and much more. 


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Portfolios in myBlueprint (7-12)

With myBlueprint, students can create interactive, reflective Portfolios that can include not only the work they are doing within myBlueprint (i.e. Goal Setting, Who Am I Survey Results, Favourite Occupations, etc.), but can also add custom artifacts like:





Audio recordings

Website links (URL)

As an educator, you can even set up your own Class Activities in myBlueprint prompting them to add in specific artifacts to one of their portfolios.

I learned a lot as an HVAC technician in my first ever co-op experience! I made this portfolio to reflect on my experiences and share my newly developed skills with employers.

Is your style on fleek? Show off your skills!

Set S.M.A.R.T. goals and share them with the world!

Looking for some scholarship money to help pay for post-secondary? Create a portfolio to show your best self, and stand out from the other applicants.

Is design your passion? Create a reflective portfolio to show off all of your skills and abilities.

Ready to make some tasty creations? Want to get Gordon Ramsay's attention? Show them what you're working on.

Do you get excited thinking about a more sustainable way of living, developing policy initiatives that encourage an environmentally responsible future? Prove it with a portfolio.

Do you get excited thinking about joining metal pieces or parts together by heating the surfaces to the point of melting? Prove it with a portfolio.

Are cars your thing? Love to hear the roar of an engine. Showcase your skills with a Portfolio.

Looking for a way to support your mental wellness, or a place to journal your thoughts and ideas? This exemplar portfolios demonstrates some ideas for building a portfolio to support mental health.

Click on the title of the portfolio below to see it in action!

Psst...Want to learn more about the elementary student portfolios (K-6)? Click here.

Do you like science? Showcase your skills with a portfolio.

Are you excited about Physical Education? Showcase your learning with a portfolio

Do you love math? Like to explore new concepts and analyse patterns? Show your skills with a portfolio

Is English your thing? Showcase your skills with a Portfolio.

A student-led conference brings together parent(s)/guardian(s) and teachers, while the student leads the discussion in regards to their achievements, areas of improvements, goals and next steps for the school year.  Showcase the process in a portfolio.

Want to stand out from other scholarship applicants? Showcase your skills and values in a digital portfolio.

Portfolio Resources

Exemplar Portfolios

Looking to showcase your learning about spending and managing your money? Create a portfolio to reflect on artifacts related to spending habits, money management, and budgeting. 

Are you looking to showcase healthy relationships with food, and making informed choices related to food and nutrition? Check out this exemplar portfolio.

Are you looking to express yourself through designing, producing, and evaluating finished textile projects? Check out this exemplar portfolio.