Ways to Pay 
for School

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Finding money for post-secondary can be challenging. 

Students say that tuition is actually the ‘easy’ thing to budget for---it’s all the other never-ending expenses like food, rent, transportation, books, clothes…that can catch them off guard. 

HigherEdPoints’ Ways To Pay for School seminar helps students, parents and educators identify anticipated expenses and subsequently reviews the many sources of educational funding available, from scholarships and entrance awards to government aid and jobs. 

an understanding of the many debt-free opportunities to help close funding gaps

Join Suzanne Tyson, Founder of HigherEdPoints on February 10th at 4pm Eastern to leave with... 

information about sources of additional funding, including government student grants and loans

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Suzanne Tyson, Founder of HigherEdPoints created the seminar based on her decade of experience helping students find ways to pay for school so they can focus on studying, not stressing about money.

Suzanne believes...

Students and parents need to start planning for the funding part of the PSE equation earlier than most currently do (who's paying for what, what happens if there are unexpected costs, etc)
There's no one place that houses all the various sources of funds--Ways to Pay for School is the most comprehensive guide to everything out there funding-wise. 

Clarifying the different types of funding (private scholarships, government aid, campus work-study, etc) is often the biggest "Aha" and "ahhhhh" for students and especially for parents.

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tips on repaying debt post-graduation to minimize interest payments and maximize personal financial freedom