How to Find and WIN More Scholarships in 2023

Scholarships are out there; the problem is knowing where to find them, and how to apply for them.
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👋 How Your Students Can Level Up This Summer 👋
A webinar for students, by students. 

Maddie Hill - Student Embassador

Astrid manages the international admissions team at the University of Guelph which includes the International Recruitment and Admissions Coordinators, full-time and contract Admissions Officers, work-study and co-op students in addition to 40 International Unibuddy Student Ambassadors. 

Outside of managing staff, Astrid is spearheading the new Slate CRM implementation from the admissions perspective, while working very closely with the International Recruitment Team and the executive on executing continuous admissions and recruitment strategies and initiatives, and growing the international student population on campus. 

She has been working in domestic and international undergraduate recruitment and admissions for 11 years and has a passion for student experience, customer service, travel and continuous learning.

Astrid Morphet - Manager, International Admissions

Sophie joined the Partnerships team in February 2020, focusing on building partnerships with Higher Ed providers in the Nordics, Australia, New Zealand, and now Canada. 

She has 7 years of experience working across a variety of industries, including Healthcare and Tech. 

After spending a year working and studying for a PGC in International Business in New York, she is now supporting universities across Canada to attract, engage and retain a diverse student population.

Sofia Fry - University Partnerships Manager

Sophie Henderson - University Partnerships Manager

Sofia works with higher-education institutions across Canada, supporting them to connect with and convert more of their best-fit prospects. 

Before joining Unibuddy she enjoyed an unforgettable year abroad in Paris as part of her University degree, and now feels passionately about helping students worldwide to make the best decisions for their higher-ed journey. 

After 5 years of experience across the marketing-technology industry, Sofia is delighted to now be part of Unibuddy, whose mission is to empower 10 million students to make the right decision through shared human experience.

Maddie Hill is a third-year student at Western University in London, Ontario. Maddie is currently studying an Honours Specialization in Political Science and is a member of Western’s Scholar’s Electives program. Maddie has been working with prospective students since she began post-secondary education in 2019. After working as a residence tour guide during her freshman year, Maddie got involved as both a campus tour guide and Western student ambassador in her sophomore year. Maddie’s on-campus roles, coupled with her personal experience, provide her with a firm understanding of the types of questions that students should be asking when selecting a university.

60 mins

January 30th at 4pm EST

This Webinar is for: Students and Staff

👋 Let's face it... post-secondary is expensive. 

myBlueprint and Scotiabank want to change that for YOU.  

On January 16th, Scotiabank announced their brand new scholarships, exclusive to myBlueprint users 🔥🔥🔥 

But that's not all 👀

Janet from mycampusGPS will be returning for the can't miss webinar of the year.

As a former Admissions Officer, Janet has been helping high school students and parents to prepare for university for over 10 years.

On January 30th, she reveals the tips, tricks, and strategies that will allow you to win multiple scholarships, and in less time. 

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What we'll be covering:

Everything you need to know about the brand new Scotiabank scholarships, found exclusively on myB

What you can do to write your best possible scholarship application. 

Get the chance to ask your own questions directly in a live Q&A session!  

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Edge Factor's Free Virtual Workplace Experiences (and so much more)

Our friends at Edge Factor has filmed 100+ Canadian Virtual Workplace Experiences and they are providing 8 videos and Lesson Plans for students to discover diverse industries and career opportunities.

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Ask the Experts: 
Money Edition

When it comes to financial literacy education in our schools, we have some work to do. But it takes a long time, and a lot of red tape for curriculum to be updated. So we've decided we're not waiting. We're brining you the financial education you need to succeed in life after high school. 

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56 min

The Skills YOU Need to Succeed After High School

Join Jay Gosselin, Founder of Discover Year (and recent Discover Year alumnus Rhys). Learn about: The most important skills that will help you be successful and happy in life after high school, the types of experiences you should seek out to build these skills effectively, and more!

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Ask the Experts: 
Purposeful Gap Year

We know that there are so many young people who are struggling with making decisions about their future right now. 
They’re feeling less motivated, hopeful, confident and connected than usual.
But what does a purposeful gap year even look like in 2021?  

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Creating Your Own
Self-Starter Summer

Instead of having more adults tell you what you should be doing, we found some #StandoutStudents to share their stories and strategies to help you level up this summer. 

We cover how to start a company, land an internship, and develop a growth mindset.