Step 1: Find Your School

Looking to submit courses to more than one high school?

For Parents / Guardians:

TDSB Grade 8 Course Selection with myBlueprint

Submitting course selections with myBlueprint is easy! Follow these simple steps to submit your course selections for Grade 9.

TDSB Find your school page

Select By Address

Enter your Street name and click Search

Take note of your Secondary School by Address

Get Started!

Step 2: Explore the Courses

Course selection screen

Click here to view the offered courses in all TDSB Secondary Schools

Using the search bar, search for your destination Secondary School

Using the Grade Filter, filter to Grade 9

Explore the courses you may be interested in taking. Click the course name to read the course description

All TDSB students entering Grade 9 are expected to select a total of 8 courses plus two alternate courses. Students entering Grade 9 must enroll in:

• English - ENG1D 

• Math - MTH1W 

• Science - SNC1W

• French - FSF1D 

• Geography - CGC1D 

• Physical Education - PPL1O or PAF1O 

• Two elective courses

• Two alternate elective courses


Step 3: Log into myBlueprint

myBlueprint log in screen

Select School Account Login and login with your TDSB credentials (the same way you would log into a school computer)

Having trouble logging in? Connect with your Teacher to support you in logging in.

Step 4: Pick your courses

High School planner grid

From the dashboard of your myBlueprint account click High School from the left-hand navigation menu

Select Add Plan and select your destination Secondary School from the drop-down menu

Click either a subject name or the +Course button to begin exploring and adding courses to your High School Plan

Click the course name to read the description

Click Add Course to add this to your plan

Grade 8 students entering Grade 9 are expected to select:

• English - ENG1D 

• Math -  MTH1W 

• Science - SNC1W 

• French - FSF1D 

• Geography - CGC1D 

• Physical Education - PPL1O or PAF1O 

• Arts 

• Elective 

• Two alternative courses (arts and an elective)


Step 5: Review your Selections

Review Course Selections button

Click the blue Review Course Selections button from the course selection banner at the top of your High School Grid

Review your submissions.

Step 6: Submit your Selections

Submit Course Selections button

Click the green Submit Course Selections button

Step 7: Parent / Guardian Approval

Send Approval Email buttonn

Virtual Students: If you are a Grade 8 in the virtual school, simply:

Click the blue Send Approval Email button

Enter the email of your parent/guardian

Click Send Approval Email

Face to Face Students: With the direction from your classroom teacher either:

Follow the above instructions to send a paperless approval email to your parent/guardian

Print a Course Selection Sign-Off Sheet:

• Click the printer button

• Click Print

• Invite your parent/guardian to sign your Course Selection Sign-Off sheet

• Return to your classroom teacher

To review and approve your students selections via the paperless approval method simply open your email inbox

Open the email titled Course Selection approval request - [Student Name]

Review your student selections

Select either Approve or Reject

Return to your High School grid

Select View Plans in the top right-hand corner of the High School Grid

Click Add New Plan

Select the Secondary School from the drop-down menu

Repeat steps 4-7

Need to make changes? Click the X in the top right-hand corner to return to your High School Plan. Select the three dots to the right of any course code to make a change.

'Add New Plan' pop up
Sample Course Selection Sign-off sheet for parents